HP Compaq 610 RAM timings


May 3, 2015
I have recently installed an additional 2gb stick of ram into my HP compaq 610 (bringing it up to 4gb total) and noticed on "speccy" that my memory is running at 332.7mhz instead of 400mhz. Is this normal otherwise how can I speed it up as there are no settings in the BIOS for this? The laptop is running fine btw.

I just checked the specs (an HP pdf file) and it seems 667mhz is the correct speed even though it is fitted with 800mhz RAM strange.
HP locks those settings so that inquiring minds (inexperienced users) do not create havoc to the machine. The ram will run at the limits imposed regardless of it's capabilities. Another limitation to ram is that the speeds and timings must match so if one module has higher specs than another, it'll automatically be "dumbed down" to the specs of the lesser module