Question HP G72-237WM video card part of motherboard may be bad.

Feb 10, 2021
Kitty stood on brightness a few seconds, the laptop lost its screen. Boots blank on normal. Safe mode, by disable video graphics driver, I can restart and get function of screen. Twice verified, no updates to device driver resolve.

Saveable? Or I backup all to external HDD and prepare to rebuild to new laptop.
I'm not sure how your cat could break the graphics hardware. Could have just been coincidence. HP has a good diagnostic that is usually installed. You start it by tapping a particular F (I think F2 or F4) at startup or goto I"d run that first. You can also try to uninstall the graphics drivers(s) and let them auto reinstall. Probably won't help. I'm a proponent of reinstalling Windows every few years as it seems to help with many issues. Last thing to try would be a clean reinstall.