hp G72 doesn't charge battery and doesn't power up if battery is roved

Oct 19, 2018
I have a HP G72 laptop that doesn't charge battery, the power jack doesn't light up at all but if battery is fully charged externally and plug into the laptop, the system will show AC power is plugged in but still doesn't charge the battery, and if I remove the battery and connect the AC adapter only, the laptop does not power up.... Please help with how I can power the laptop without the battery
Try charging it while the laptop is turned off, not sleep or hibernate, but off. If it will charge when it is off, then I would say your charger is going to need to be replaced (as it isn't putting out enough power to both run the device and charge the battery). If, however, it won't charge no matter if the laptop is off or on, then I would start with replacing the battery.
Oct 19, 2018

Thanks but I have tried 2 other batteries and it gives same result, I have equally tried my charger on other laptops and it works perfectly, I tried another charger on my laptop, still gives same result.... Could the DC jack be the issue
Oct 19, 2018

Okay, then this is probably a board issue as there is only a single board in the laptop?
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