Question HP Laptop random black screen only when adapter is plugged in

Sep 6, 2020

I have a strange issue with my laptop, HP OMEN Laptop 15-dc1 series. Screen goes black randomly when gaming only when i keep the charger plugged in, regardless how much percentage battery is charged (either 10%, 50%, 100%). I couldn't find any pattern when this happens. I also installed MSI Afterburner and ThrottleStop to keep an eye on temperature and CPU, GPU spikes and limit CPU usage, but couldn't find anything problematic. Strange thing is, on some games, like RD2 and Witcher 3, temp goes to 85C (i often replace thermal paste as soon as it goes above 95C, and max i get now is 85C), black screen doesn't happen so often, but on some games like CSGO, Forza Horizon 4 it happens more often, sometimes 2-3 minutes in games, sometimes after 20-30 minutes. On CSGO i mostly have around 55C, so I guess temp is not the issue. It started to happen like some 2 months ago.

However, when I play same games only on battery (even on max performance) it works fine, never got black screen.

So, what have I tried so far:

  1. First thing I did, was to use HP Support Assistant Fixes & Diagnostics, and all tests passed, even for adapter and battery.
  2. At first, I used only laptop display, but I now have additional Monitor, and i close laptops display, but didn't help.
  3. I have all drivers up to date, as well as BIOS.
  4. Since I use Windows 10, I tried some games on Ubuntu (didn't kept anything on disk, full format during installation). Didn't help, installed Windows 10 back (full format during installation - also, its legit version).
  5. Also, tried to take out and back in memory card (saw it that it might help on some sites when googled the issue).
Laptop is around 1,5 year old (no more warranty), and since where I live, it can be expensive to get spare parts (due to heavy import taxes, and shops don't have much spare parts for high end laptops, i tried to find new charger, but could not find... this one produces 200W, and shops only have like 60W or 90W chargers) and repair shops charge heavily just to look and I don't trust them much (they almost always recommend to buy new laptop, even for minor issues).

I would like to try more before buying anything new, so do you have any advice what should I check next, and how? I guess charger is OK or maybe not functional 100%, since it does charge battery, and i can use normally stuff like Word, Chrome, play movies etc. I don't know much about internal hardware stuff, but i guess there are some parts that brings electricity from adapter to battery and to other parts of laptop, but can those parts be tested to see if the issue is with them? and can they be replaced?

Full specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz (boost to 3.9GHz)
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060
Graphic card driver: (7/5/2020)
16GB SK Hynix 2667MHz
System board: 8574 21.15
System BIOS F.18

Thank you very much for any advice!
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