Question Hp Omen 17-an103nc

Mar 9, 2019

My question is about one notebook in particular. It's HP Omen 17-an103nc, version sold in Central Europe (mostly). I provide link to it in URLs. Also, I am really sorry, but I couldn't find the version in English, so if you want to look at the notebook in detail, please use Google Translator that should pop up from top-bar in the linked site.


I've been watching this notebook a lot recently. The reason being: crazy (in my opinion) price drops. And also, I am planning on buying a new laptop at the end of July, so I am doing my research on this. The first time I looked at the price tag and saw it being priced nearly 1200€ (cca. 1350 USD) I thought: Nope ! But then, I looked at the price history and saw it dropping to 1090€ (1225 USD) literally EVERY day. Now, even after the price drop like that, it's still a lot of money. At least for me. I know, you have to expect high prices in the gaming notebooks field, but still... Well, these price drops have been happening for long now (1 month at least). So my question is:

Is there a chance for this notebook's price to fall way down if I wait until end of July 2019 (under 1000€ (1125USD), if I would be really optimistic) ? If so, how much would you guess it to fall down ? Especially now, when new GPUs are coming out and end of July/start of August is considered a Back to school sales start point...

Thank You for all of Your answers in advance. I am also sorry for possible mistakes I made while writing this, but English is not my mother language.
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