hp pavilion g4 1015dx screen replacement


Jan 17, 2016
Okay I troubleshooted a donated hp g4 laptop and the screen wouldn't startup instead the lights illuminated so I figured it was a mobo issue. However after doing some research and youtube watching all issues pointed to the screen. I thought I confirmed this when I plugged in an external monitor with the old defective screen and walla...the external screen and the laptop screen booted up and I was able to navigate through windows until it died again....so I went to a site that sells replacement parts and got the replacement screen from them and ordered the right screen i.e. the G4-1015DX model. However I'm experiencing the same problem upon replacing the old with the new. I even took it apart again and checked the cable ...unplugged - replugged and again nothing.....I even tried the external monitor method and nothing... is this really a mobo issue because I know it isn't the screen ... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated... thanks