HP pavillion M6 Laptop wont start with battery inserted but works fine on only adapter.


Sep 15, 2016
My HP pavillion M6 laptop works fine when i run it on only adapter with battery taken out, but when i insert battery , and connect it to the adapter, it wont start and the power LED also goes off showing no power input.
Also with battery inserted , when i push the power button, the Led blinks 3 times.
It is very possible for that to happen. It can be for a few reasons. Manufacturer restrictions/limitations put on theirs, which aren't on the third party ones. Also, sometimes the third party batteries do not have the right power amounts.
It sounds like you could have a bad battery, a bad cord, or both.

I am leaning towards either the cord or both due to what you described. The reason for that is, a cord has to have a certain level of power going through it to both run a laptop and charge the battery at the same time. If it isn't functioning correctly, it will run the laptop (usually) but not charge the battery. So if you have the battery in, it can't do both and will shut down.

Try replacing the charger cord. If this fixes it, fantastic. If not, then you should replace the battery as well.
I agree. Quite strange. Usually it is the other way around, universal doesn't work but OEM does.

If it isn't the cord, and isn't the battery, then we are into possible problems in regard to the motherboard, which is obviously a harder fix.


Sep 15, 2016
i tried using a third party battery, it started my laptop with the charge it had, but when i connected the charger cord it showed no power input.
i couldnt get my hands on an original hp battery , so is it possible for a laptop to not accept a third party battery and work only with a genuine hp battery.


Sep 15, 2016

Thanks for the reply @webworkings .
This is where it gets strange, i tried a new hp charger at the store,and some hp chargers already in use at the store and they couldnt get my laptop to start with the battery in as well. but strangely a universal charger was able to start the laptop, but the battery wasnt charging properly.
kept on showing Not charging with the battery and cord attached.
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