Question HP Probook 435 g8 won't turn on - flashes mute LED

Feb 15, 2023
I am having trouble with my HP Probook 435 x360 g8. it worked well, only issue I had was temps would frequently reach high 60's even 70 though i read that this was fine. one day I woke up and went to turn it on and it showed no signs of life. when the power button is pressed, the mute LED flashes once and turns off and that's it, when the power cable is connected the charging light does not turn on at all, I've tried holding the power button for 30s to 2 minutes, no improvement, I've re-seated ram, cleared cmos, removed the battery, re-seated the SSD, tried various key combinations when powering it on and nothing has worked. I've tried using the ram and SSD in different systems and they all work well. the power cable seems to work just fine according to my voltmeter and ive tried using it on another laptop which worked just fine. any help would be greatly appreciated.