HP Windows 10 Reset to Factory Settings Now Won't Come On


Jan 12, 2016
I have a new HP laptop I am going to return so went through the steps to reset it to factory settings so my personal information is not on it and the items I had installed would be deleted. I chose to remove all personal information, apps & settings as I was told I should do. It took quite a long time but after it was complete and it needed to restart Windows will no longer come up- there is a small circle of dots that continue to go in a circle for a period of time then the laptop will appear to be restarting again and continues to do this cycle over and over. Windows never opens back up to the desktop.
What should I do to get it reset before I return it?


Jul 22, 2007
not sure what this company is like but you can only see what they say I cant see its your fault so be strong its there problem the machine does not work any more you tried to use it last week and it does nothing