HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or LG G3?


I am looking to upgrade my phone but I'm not eligible until March so that gives me plenty of time to decide. I am currently looking at these three phones for a variety of reasons:

1. Screen size
2. Removable memory up to 128GB
3. Resolution

Does anyone have any advice for upgrade? I am on Sprint and currently using a previous generation HTC One.
If you are waiting until March, a new Galaxy S usually drops around that time, so there's another option. The upcoming Nexus 6 also looks promising, although I'm not sure if that qualifies for upgrade plans. Of the 3 listed, I prefer the Note 4, mostly because Notes are the only ones I have used. The Note Edge looks interesting as well, but early adoption of new tech rarely pays off.



The Nexus 6 looks pretty awesome but I'd be concerned about whether or not I can add removable memory. I've discovered on previous phones that 16GB and 32GB run out of room pretty quickly. No removable memory = no sale.
Ah, that's a very good point. I forgot that that was the reason I've been avoiding the Nexus line, even though they are exceptional in most other categories. GSMArena is saying that it will not have a card slot and will come with 32GB storage, but we'll know more in a week or so when it comes out. It would probably be my top choice for a new phone if it came in a 64GB option or had an SD card slot.


Aug 6, 2014
m8 is just expensive because its metal what the hell can compare M8 and LG G2.they`re the same and just looke at m8 price.buying M8 is like having a wife who is beautiful with shit behavior.not every beautiful is good man.
go for LG g3 or note 4
theyre both the same in many aspects but considering your 3 reasons go for the NOTE 4
On the topic of SD card support, I have seen some two-sided USB drives that come with a USB and a micro-USB end that allows it to be plugged into an Android phone and work as external storage. I've got a friend who bought a 64GB stick who uses it as a second SD card on his Note 3. Obviously, it's a bit more of a hassle than just having an SD slot in the phone, but it's one workaround that might make the Nexus 6 more appealing.
Jun 16, 2014

Most people buy phones on contract so the note 4 is most expensive actually. "Shit behavior" well... the htc one m8 has awesome reviews and I love mine.
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