HTC Vive or Occulus Rift for this end of year? ...


Nov 4, 2017
Hi everyone,

First of all, sorry for my english, It's not my native language but I'll try to write as smooth as possible ^_^

I really want to have VR for many reasons : new way to play, parties with friends that can test horror VR games, etc...

The thing is that I'm really hesitating between the two options I have : Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

For your info, here in Europe, Oculus Rift is 449 € (maybe less , there is a lot of promotions on it, often -10%) with Touch pads, 2 sensors and about 7 games.
The HTC Vive is 699€ (never saw any promotion on it) with the two pads and Fallout 4 VR offered.

I had some little "fears" about Oculus Rift that seem to be corrected now : The 360 degrees from HTC Vive is now okay with Oculus Rift (even though a third sensor of 69 € is better) and the SteamVR is now Rift compatible so there is not so much differencies in terms of games.

My pc was built 6 months ago, is really good and is totally Htc Vive Compatible (used the app to be sure) so...

I really don't know here. I read all other the internet some really good arguments for both :

Oculus Rift
- A lot cheaper (even with the third sensor that's near 200€ less)
- Can now play nearly any games from Vive (minus the weird keybinding sometimes)
- Seems to be more confortable to wear

HTC Vive :
- Far more precise in terme of room tracking and doesn't need a third sensor
- Better technology might let him last longer before a new gen
- Might have exclusive games as Skyrim, Fallout, Doom, etc...

I'm now totally giving all to you... Feel free to give all your advices, opinions, feelings about that, the more I'll have, the more I'll be sure about my purchase

Thanks a lot !


The Rift is more comfortable and convenient due to the superior headstrap with integrated audio. You can buy a similar strap as an upgrade for the Vive, but it costs another 120€. The Rift also has better controllers, and the ASW software feature that helps it run smoother if/when your computer struggles to hold 90FPS.

The tracking precision is not really any different since Oculus patched their roomscale tracking. It's still a little easier to cover very large areas with the Vive, and the base stations plugging into power rather than USB on the computer can simplify cable runs, but otherwise they're effectively on par.

The Vive doesn't really have better technology. As for exclusive games, that's not really going to happen, since the Vive runs SteamVR and SteamVR has native support for the Rift. The Bethesda games are not officially launching for Oculus due to an ongoing lawsuit, but you will still be able to run them on a Rift. Just like the many high-quality titles that are only officially available from Oculus can be run on a Vive, in that case via the unofficial Revive tool.

The Vive needs a price cut to be at all worth considering. In the US, they're currently selling it bundled with a GTX 1070 for $799, and once you subtract the regular price of a 1070, that means the Vive itself accounts for about the same as what the Rift costs in the US. So if you do still want to go the Vive way, you might want to at least wait for a sale or bundle deal of some kind.


Oct 24, 2013
I bought the occulus rift a little while back and i gotta admit it;s much better than I thought it would be. Compared to my 4k screen the resolution leaves something to be desired but the games are awesome. I think that either way you are in for a great time.


Nov 4, 2017
Thanks a lot for your answer !

Indeed I won't buy a 1070, I already have a RX 480 6 gb which is near 1060 so....Would be a little too much.

I talked with someone having the Occulus. It seems that the third sensor isn't even necessary, two is enough (but there is sometime somes angles a litttle weird and some little bugs so having the third one is a plus).

So if I sum up, Occulus Rift for about 250 € less, is more confortable, can play as many games and could do just as good as the Vive without the third sensor.... I think there is no reasons not to take an Oculus =)
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