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Dec 7, 2014
I have literally done and downlaoded everfything to remove this virus and it will not go away!!!

I tried:

Malwarebytes, FRST, tsskiller, rkill, hitman pro, adwcleaner, junkware removal tool

I have deleted the extentions of all of the internet programs

cleared the caches

reset all 3 internet programs

Please help!!


Apr 2, 2014
I think you should run two more virus removal tools before I can really give any other advice. Try running combofix Just google it and it should be the first result
and run it in safe more. Just make sure you don't have any other anti virus software with real time protection active until it finishes. You also will need to perform this scan in safe mode, with or without networking. For the 2nd program run RogueKiller, this program scans for malicious changes in the registry a lot better than most other anti virus programs for cleaning out malicious registry edits. What a lot of people don't know about viruses that just say stuff like download antivirus X then click scan is that most antivirus programs really lack the ability to dig deep into the registry, and don't under stand that a simple change in the registry can cause a virus to keep coming back or in your case probably a .PUP that has modified the registry for all of your web browsers. They also can use what is known as the buddy system, you find the .EXE with a normal antivirus, antivirus quarantines it, they think it's done but it isn't. The change that virus made to the registry will cause the .exe to be resurrected and back functioning as it did before, also works for finding the registry but not the .exe