Question Hue Left The Lights Off !! - There must be a way to solve this issue

Sep 10, 2020
I have a v2 Bridge, an indoor motion sensor and 3 x Gui10 White / Colour Ambiance type Bulbs in our “Hall”

So our hall can get quite dark, due to weather conditions & lack of window light, any time during the day.
Therefore I do not want to use any scene/routine that is timer related.

I am struggling to get Hue to cater for the following in our hall ;

when the hall is bright- lights are off & do nothing if motion is detected.
when the hall is dark & motion is detected – turn the lights on & after 1 min the lights turn off

Although within the Hue App\Settings\Accessory Setup there’s Day behaviour time frame options and Night Behaviour options, this won’t allow what I want or am I missing something
(which I feel I am, one or two neurons that is !!)
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