Humming/Buzzing sound in microphone. Amplifies when touched and gets quieter when I touch my case.


May 7, 2016
I'm using some off brand USB Headset and the mic that it has is serviceable but every once in a while I'll get this loud buzzing noise. My friends told me and I double-checked in sounds and listened to my mic and it's definitely on my end. The buzzing gets quieter if my headset is close to my case (like putting my head near my case makes it quieter) and if I put my hand on my case it makes it very quiet. However, If I touch the end of the mic right in front of my mouth then the buzzing will amplify and get really loud. this is a link to an audio test where I both touch my case and touch my actual mic. I hope it's a mic issue as I'm planning on getting a Blue Yeti soon. Thanks for your help in advance!
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