Question HyperX Cloud 2 2019/2020 Static Noise

Jan 7, 2021
Hi everyone,

I recently bought a Hyperx Cloud 2 and I have noticed there is a background static noise when I have the sound above 72 I can hear static sound It happens when on stereo and it gets even worse when I turn on the 7.1 surround sound, I've searched online and this seems to be quite a common issue in 2015, and I thought it was strange in 2019 to have this problem. I had version 0030 of the firmware and updated to version 0010 and it didn't work.With the main cable jack 3.5mm there is no static sound, Ii there anything else I can do?
Can someone help me? I would be grateful, thank you.

I have my usb sound card plug in usb 3.1. MB : Asus prime z390-p
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