Question HyperX Cloud Flight Wireless Headset Mic Isn't Working

Jul 11, 2020
So I purchased the HyperX Cloud Flight headset a while ago, and up until now it has worked fine. However recently I had just turned on my PC and the mic for my headset wasn't working (I could still hear audio through the headset, the mic just didn't pick up anything) even though it had worked fine the night before, there hadn't been a windows update or anything of the sort overnight. But when I moved the USB for the headset over to the other USB port on my PC, everything worked again. This isn't some massive issue because I can just keep the USB in the port it works in, I'm just curious as to why only the mic doesn't work when it's in one specific USB port. Is it a problem with the headset or the PC? How could I solve the issue?
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