I’d now choose PS5 over Xbox Series X — but not for the reasons you’d think


Aug 24, 2009
Have you tried the driving after they updated Cyberpunk 2077? It’s amazing. Every shift and acceleration you can feel in the haptics. Also the haptics in Ghost of Tsushima is also incredible
Mar 6, 2022
Don't waste your money. They're already working on a better version of the PS5 basically the PS5 pro lol so yeah don't waste your money yet
Mar 7, 2022
I wouldn't. The XVox controller feels so much nicer. Having made the jump from PS4 to XBox series x, I hate having to use my friend's PS5 controller. Also, something I never hear mentioned....the Xbox games store is everything. They give huge discounts on great games (indie and AAA titles) and it has a great UI. And now with Gamepass being so ridiculously amazing and cheap, finding and playing games is an incredibly inexpensive and happy experience (and with the cloud gaming, you don't have to wait for installs to try out a game). Playstation 5's store UI is TERRIBLE, they rarely run good discounts on good games, PS Now service is a joke, let's face it: Sony butchered VR. Even if Sony rides the coattails of FB making VR mainstream with the Quest, there is NO reason to believe Sony will allocate the energy or resources necessary for PSVR2 to come close to competing with FB's next VR device. Overall, my initial regret of getting a Series X over the PS5 (due to availability), I am now ecstatic I didn't get stuck with the PS5