I’m angry about the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X


Aug 4, 2020
I hope someone from Microsoft reads this because they are the ONLY ones who can fix the scalper problem. They don't need to reinvent the wheel, they just need to learn from Apple and Dell:
  1. Start a backorder list. Require users to sign in to their Microsoft account and pre-charge their credit card for the $550.
  2. Don't do the final charge on the card until the device ships
  3. Give users an order # and an ETA, even if it's well into 2022
  4. If MS wants this to be a limited edition, close the order signup for the limited edition console (like the Halo edition) and then just have a different list for the standard console.
  5. Give users a way to check the ETA using their order number
For many of us, we want to get an XBox Series X but we're not in an urgent need of it. We understand the parts shortage, and that it might take a while, but if we know it's coming and have some idea when, there's almost zero incentive to buy one from a scalper. The scalpers will also have limited ability to buy a bunch of the spots in the preorders because of step #1 - their credit cards will only let them pre-authorize so much.

This is not rocket science. Microsoft, please help.
Aug 28, 2021
you mentioned the main issue straight away, you impulse bought a X.

as for scalpers, thats always going to be an issue when we all depend on online shopping.

as someone that works in gaming retail i just want to point out that my store as well as plenty others still have Pre-Orders available and have since they went live. when everyone predominantly shops online to save a few quid i will have no sympathy when they complain about no stock availability while stores like mine that have stock suffer

i have served hundreds of people of the last year with PlayStations and Xboxs. try shopping in a real shop rather than online. Gaming retail is dying and we'll all regret when it does
Aug 31, 2021
I would say you have no one to blame but yourself. You knew that in the past that Xbox has come out with a Halo edition model, and you should have expected it for this generation as well . And honestly, if you happened across one later, you could sell your normal one and get it and still not lose much money in the current market.

The only way that the entire scalping thing is going to stop is for gamers to stop buying consoles of any type at the inflated price. If the scalpers ended up stuck with a bunch of consoles and no way to get any profit out of them they'd stop buying, sell what they already had, and the market would return to normal . But for some reason, people are willing to pay double ( or more ) what the console is priced at. To me its insane.

At the end of the day, the makers aren't as concerned about it as they say they are because they sold their product. What happens in the aftermarket is beyond their control. Could the makers help by doing what Valve did and have pre-orders ? Of course. But that takes manpower and a dedication to customers that, honestly, isn't seen much anymore.


Dec 15, 2016
I know it sucks that scalpers have them up on eBay but that's not something for Microsoft to fix, it's for eBay to fix since they don't allow people to sell preorders.

The only reason eBay was so proactive with the steamdeck us because they had like 1000 listings within a few min. Why anyone would want a handheld PC that plays 2019 games at 720p30 on low settings is beyond my imagination but that's another article entirely.