I’m choosing the Nintendo Switch 2 over PS5 Pro — here’s why

Sep 13, 2023

"Apparently, the Big N was showing upscaled versions of Breath of the Wild at last year’s Gamescom that had “towards the low end PS5 graphics"

What even is this? Upscaling doesn't change any of the graphics at all, it just scales it to a higher output resolution.

Even if the game is natively outputting at 4k, it's just the same game, with the same assets, at a higher resolution. How on earth does a switch game rendered at a higher resolution, become "low level ps5 graphics"?

Who was this again? This sounds like a random message board fan boy telephone game reguritation of information. And Terribly butchering old information.

If anything at that supposed presentation gave the impression of "low level ps5" it would have been the raytraced and nanite using unreal engine matrix reloaded demo. Not higher resolution botw meant to show off no load times.

This just misleads people with a kernel of truth and a big dump of wrong.