News I’m not sorry Starfield is an Xbox exclusive — and Bethesda shouldn't be either


Jun 9, 2020
Yeah, no point in complaining. Microsoft owns Bethesda and with their property they can do whatever they want. It isn't like Epic who paid just for exclusivity and beyond that had no involvement. Plus with how carefully they were answering questions about PS releases, it kind of made me doubt it. Though I didn't say anything, since at the time, it was just suspicious.

As for apology, it depends on angle you look at it. In a way, there is nothing to apologize for. I mean would you let others telling you what you should do with things you bought and own? Probably not. But as in nice gesture, since I think early marketing also had PS logo, I don't think it is as much out of place. And definitely nicer than "I do what I want" attitude that in some cases made games flop. So not all is bad about it, since aplogie definitely burns fewer bridges.