I am confused between 3 headphones for gaming please help!!!!

Saad Kasu

May 4, 2015
Hi guys,
I really need your help to decide which pair of headphones should I choose for Pc gaming. I play games like FIFA, BF1,BF4,PUBG,CSGO and few other fps and AAA games. I would like a pair of headphones which might help me listen to footsteps and direction of gun fire. My three options are Sennheiser HD 598 CS
Razer Man O War wired
Hyperx Cloud Core
I am getting all these for the same price. If I get the Sennheisers I won't have mic for a few months that wouldn't be a deal breaker if Sennheisers are very superior.
I am NO AUDIOPHILE. I am currently using the Sony XB-50AP earphones. But need Headphones. I appreciate a little extra Bass but not too much.


Jul 25, 2017
Sennheiser HD 598 CS

Then again... asking about audio is a tad risky since none of us here has your ears. Best advice I can give you is to go to a shop and listen to the 3 you listed.
I never ever ever buy a headset, speaker, amp, etc etc. without listening to it first.

One person can say that brand X is the best he has ever heard. You listen to it... and for you it maybe some of the worst you ever heard.

Sound is a personal experience.


Jul 24, 2016
Haha i was just researching the 598CS today.

Forget Razer, overpriced gamer junk.
Good audio headphones with a decent soundstage will always be better than 'gaming headsets' with their lesser audio but gimmick overload usb software.

So generally I tend towards the Sennheiser (friend of mine got Sennheisers and he's got superior sound and orientation in games compared to us 5.1/7.1 gaming headsets plebs) so I'd go for the Sennheiser with a 5$ clip-on mic which will be sufficient for discord/TS3 at least for some time.

In terms of audio quality the Sennheiser trumps the other two with ease but as it's targeted at a different market you might not like them. While gaming headsets and 'livestyle' headphones like beats just boost the bass and aren't very concerned with neither clarity nor authenticity, Sennheiser (and other manufacturers in this segment like Bose, AKG, etc.) try to give a very true and authentic sound of the material. This might takes some getting used to (as usually 'the richer the bass means the better the quality' for people who never listened to actually good headphones and only compare it to 25$ crap off Walmart) and some people never quite get along with how the bass should actually sound like. But usually after a few hours/days you won't be going back to some Steelseries Siberia 300 or Corsair VOID or sth like that. If there's a store somewhere in your area that has some headphones on display you might wanna go there and try a Sennheiser on (they got a very distinctive special... character to them..hard to describe.). However they show their real potential when hooked up to a decent DAC or an AMP.

Bottom line: the Sennheisers will most likely be way better than the other two. But you have to buy a mic (I have used a 8€ clip on mic for years and sound quality according to my mates was better than with my two headsets for 50&90€) and it might require some getting used to. If the shop you're buying from has a return policy it's a no-brainer.
It should outperform the other two easily but if your ear is used to crappy sound (and you find it fulfilling, no offense, but that's the same as Americans like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches while this is the gold standard of bad taste for me personally) you might feel more comfortable with the CloudX
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