I am looking for a gaming laptop that is under $700


Jan 2, 2013
i want a gaming laptop that can play most games on at least medium settings and is at least a 15" screen and at most a 17" screen. I cant get a desktop because i have to go between my moms and dads house and i cant carry a desktop around or buy 2 of them. I have been looking for a while for a good one and i haven't found any good ones yet, that fit my liking. I hope i can get some help on this. Thanks


Nov 11, 2006
Gaming . . . Laptop . . . Budget . . . Ouch.

You might try something like the MSI CX61 0NF-257 from Xotic PC. It's probably their cheapest 15.6" 1080p laptop with an actual video card coming in at $699.

You may also want to take a look at some of the new AMD on board video if you are really on a budget and set your expectation accordingly. Sure, they are great on boards, but still on boards none the less.

Keep in mind it's incredibly difficult to fit performance inside a laptop and still keep costs as low as you require.