I am looking for a laptop within $600-650 USD.

Nov 17, 2011
Hello. I'm about to start some school classes and I need advice on which laptop to get.

Budget: $600-650

Size: No preferred size.

Portability: Yes. I have a desktop, this isn't to replace it.

Battery: No less than 5 hours.

Games: None, really.

Purposes: Recording, taking notes, photo editing, web browsing, some 3D modelling.

Storage: 250GB is probably sufficient.

Sites: none, specifically.

Lifespan: I'd prefer to keep it as long as possible.

Media: USB and DVD-ROM should be sufficient.

Brands: No preferred brands.

Region: USA

Additional Information: That's about it. The OS I want for it is Win7 Ultimate.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


Sep 5, 2012
Well based on your needs, I think this would be a really good choice:


Very well-built and also light and thin. A powerful CPU with HD 3000 graphics which is not bad at all. Still, if your 3D works are heavy, then you might consider this:


This is MSI CX61 and you can find a deal around $650 I'm sure. This thing is really good both for heavy processing and even some serious gaming. It is also very well built with a brushed metal body. A very good machine overall. You can trust me, I own one.