Question I am looking to replace my 5 yr old unlocked Asus Zenphone 2 due to battery issues.

May 15, 2019
I am looking to replace it with a "rugged" unlocked smartphone. My carrier is AT&T. The reason for the rugged kind is because I want a phone that can handle me. I tend to have butter fingers on phones that are slim and breakable so I DON'T mind the bulkiness of them. Is there a website where I can do side by side comparison of these phones. Thanks in advance.

I am sure there are others as well. On these sites you can usually choose the carrier to look under, and compare the phones. You can also view the list here...

which shows GSM carriers/service providers (AT&T uses the GSM network). So phones from those carriers, as long as unlocked, should also work with AT&T. Although, to be certain, you might want to check prior to purchase. Some companies do make it hard to use their phones on other carriers. :)


The rugged phone can be done with a good case.

The new Google Pixel 3a has been getting very good reviews.

Only really good phone that is decently rugged on it's own that I can think of is the Samsung Galaxy Active that is not made for industrial use.