I am trying to connect a home theater system and an external reciever also (to get more blast) what device can I get?

Jan 17, 2019
I am trying to connect a home theater system and an external reciever also (to get more blast) many devices (which have hdmi out and spdif or RCA out) have audio coming out of only one output (either hdmi or spdif). What equipment will help me get sound through home theater as well as the external receiver?
Thanks for the answer.
I don't like combining anything labeled as HT something with a receiver, seems like a kludge but OK...

More blast you said, OK, typically a receiver will have more power, so OK, take your HT's box preouts for the L+R (unamplified line level signals) and feed it to your stereo receiver and have it drive the L+R speakers. No preouts? no fear, take HT speaker L+R signal through a high-level signal converter (high value resistors) and again feed it to your receiver. That's should get you going.
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