I am trying to connect my old Pioneer DV-383 DVD player to my Samsung smart TV using yellow, white and red cables, not working


Are you sure that the cables are good. I.e., they work when connected between two other devices.

Are you using any adapters:

Did you reconfigure the Smart TV to use Composite connectivity - should be a port selection via the TV's menus.

Depending on the available ports and viable TV menu configurations you may have some choices.

Here are two links that can provide some guidance provided you can match the ports on your devices:




Nov 15, 2014
Did you try to connect different color combinations? I mean, for example, try connecting red one to yellow socket...I had many experiences in which it worked when I changed combinations.
Mar 30, 2018
You just plug the red and white and yellow wires into the DVD player and the back of your TV, but instead of plugging the yellow wire into the regular spot in the back of your TV you plug it into the green hole. This worked for me.

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