I am trying to hook up my new PS4 to my old tv that has the red, yellow, and white ports.


Dec 8, 2015
What do I need? The console only has an Hdmi port. The tv only has the tri color ports. I think an adapter maybe but I have no idea. Please suggest a link where I can get one. Thanks.



Yes, but HDMI to RCA converters work, so maybe do a bit of a research rather than give an answer that doesn't benefit the poster. PS4 even allowed you to disable HDCP to make this easier and work with more adapters.
Yes, but HDCP is enabled by default, no? And also, HDMI to RCA won't work with HDCP. Won't OP need to first connect it via HDMI -> HDMI then disable HDCP, then use a HDMI to RCA converter?

The PS4 needs to have the 1.70 system update, which would indicate it's enabled by default, since this update let users disable HDCP.
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