i am watching my LG tv just today i was surprize that the picture suddenly disappear but with sounds.i remove the socket to th


Apr 21, 2015
I am watching My LG LED TV it was suddenly no picture but it hàs a sounds ...i brought it last march 2014 and now it doesnt work how do i fix it easier. Do i need to bring it n a service center?and they a high charge of the repair? I choose to buy LG LED TV as it is a nice and good quality appliance as what the sales clerck said together with thier convincing power for u to buy.so whats happening now? I am not rich to buy s new one i dont want to throw away my money its a hard earned money for me to buy that appliance and yet in 1year and 4 months it will not work..SHOULD I CONSIDER LG LED/LCD A DISPOSABLE APPLIANCES? How can use it instead of sitting down and relax what would i watch....the television with sound and no picture.....!!!!! Actually ive got mad..coz this is very new and yet it will never be usefull....this is my very very bad....,experience of LG ..but last question if i on and of it will never work again ? Or i need to bring it on a service center. Anybody can give me help?

Mactan, lapulapu city


Jan 13, 2015
Paragraphs to start please. At least you bothered with punctuation, better than most who post questions on this forum.

Anyways, first thing's first is that you should get a teenager or young adult to fiddle around with it for free/cheap. 9 times out of 10 it's something you did without knowing. The number of times the elderly couple across the street sat on a remote and messed up their TV is more than I can recall and it's always fixed within 5 minutes of me coming over.

If it isn't fixable by a tech savvy person you know, then yes you might consider having a professional come in, or at least providing more information over the internet about what's going on with the settings.

A TV is not a disposable appliance, the average lifespan has not yet been hit for HD LED TVs.
agreed. your question is not very detailed and is a bit hard to follow. you may want to clarify on a few things.


also you may want to note if all you get is a black screen or if you still get the tv menu popping up when you use the remote. if you still get the menu then it should be a simple fix such as needing to change the input. if you do not get the tv menu showing up then this points towards a hardware issue.

more than likely it sounds like some sort of hardware failure to me if the screen remains black (no menu showing up). in a brightly lit room does it look like you can see something moving on screen that is very dim? if so it could be that you are having a backlight problem. or, it could be that a capacitor blew or a board failed on the circuitry needed for video.

if you purchased an extended warranty at the time of purchase or if the original warranty is for 2years or longer then you might not have to pay for the repair. if however it is out of warranty yes, you may have to pay for repair. depending on what the problem is and where you go for repair it could cost you a decent amount to get fixed or it could be relatively inexpensive. i couldnt say what your regional repair rates would be like.

lg, along with samsung and sony are decent brands. this does not mean that they can not fail but the chances of them doing so are less than other brands and parts are typically available if they need to be fixed. cheap brands such as olevia and vizio however are disposable since parts are often not available.

arnel llena

Jun 2, 2015
I also got the same dilemma.... However I get a black screen but still get the tv menu popping up when I used the remote. Also, I could watch a movie and musin when using usb flash drive. Sir, ssddx, what specific changes in the input do i need to change in order to fix the problem. Hope you could help me on this. Thanks
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