I bought a house with multiple speaker systems (outside, game room), and the wires are all raw and feed down where the TV orig

Jul 15, 2018
Home audio question: I bought a house with multiple speaker systems (outside, game room), and the wires are all raw and end down by TV receiver. How do i connect multiple RCA wires to a single receiver?
If you have an audio video receiver then you would need an impedance matching speaker selector.
The best way to use these speakers if you don't have an amplifier to drive them is to get either Sono ConnectAmps or Denon Heos amps. You can use one for each zone. Controlled by your phone. You can also get a Denon or Marantz AVR for the TV room and Denon HeosAmps for the remote zones.


You'll need an amp and distribution box to spread it out among multiple outputs. If you want to be able to play in different area, then you'll need a zone receiver with different zones. Depends on how much you want to spend and what you want to do with the speakers.
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