News I broke up with wireless earbuds this year — here's why

Dec 30, 2020
"Not only over-ear headphones significantly more comfortable and less likely to fall off, they're actually capable of creating all-encompassing listening experience and blocking out surrounding sounds, "
I have custom 64-Audio A12t in ear monitors. They do a great job of passively blocking out surrounding sounds without resorting to fidelity altering active noise cancellation. They have a fantastic listening experience with a large soundstage.
They are easily transportable and easy to drive, but are wasted without a dedicated source, such as at least a DAP and not a phone. They rival the sound of my at home headphones, Focal Utopia and Sennheiser HD-800S. I agree that wireless earbuds are pathetic. I have a pair of Jabra 65T that I listen to when I am doing chores at home, they are OK for casual, nonfocussed listening but I wouldn't use them to sit and chill with. I have yet to hear a set of wireless full size headphones that sound as good as wired. I tried out my work partner's Air Pods Max and was not impressed, especially at the price. Cheaper wired phones like Sennheiser HD-600 blow them out of the water. They can sound great on a jackless phone using an Audioquest Dragonfly DAC. Bluetooth was made to carry speech, not music. Its a pity so many phone manufacturers are following Apples lead and eliminating the headphone jack just to save some $. Its not "courage" to shaft the customer . Even LG, who put quality DACs in their phones is going this route.