I cannot locate the proper drivers for the wireless adapter for Gateway MX6421 - Win XP 32-bit.


Oct 31, 2015
I had reloaded the OS with Win XP Pro 32-bit, and got all maintenance as high as until support ended. I went to the Gateway site and picked the correct model from their list and selected Win XP 32, and downloaded all the available drivers.

Most drivers installed just fine. There were TWO to pick from for the wireless adapter: 1 for Realtek, and the other for Broadcom. To be safe, I downloaded both, figuring one or the other would work.

The Realtek drivers failed to find whatever they needed and failed to install, so I went to the Broadcom folder, only to find that the Gateway site SAID it was downloading a Broadcom driver, but inside that folder was a sub-folder that was identical to the Realtek folder and contents. So, that didn't install either.

Please also note that wired internet access does work, but my friend wants to connect wirelessly.

So, I spent HOURS today, searching for and attempting to install various located version of drivers for the Broadcom, and all failed. Perhaps it really IS a Realtek adapter - I have no idea, and the Gateway site and located specs elsewhere on the web give no indication.

Does anyone have ANY ideas on what I can do to get past this?

And, independently of that, there is another device in Device Manager with a yellow question mark - a Mass Storage driver of some sort. Not sure what to do there, as nothing from the Gateway downloads did anything to resolve that one either.



The first link I went to had wireless drivers for your PC: http://sciencespaces.com/notebooks/gateway/gateway-mx6421/22309/
I can't vouch for the site, but have you tried this one?

Is it possible the wireless card is not working? If all else fails, pick up one of these. I've had great luck with these in the past.
It even comes with an 8' extension cable for those times when you can't quite get an adequate signal.