I can't hear anything from my laptop without the headphones or external speakers.


Dec 20, 2015
Hi. I can't hear anything from my laptop. I tried to reinstall the OS, audio device, but don't worked. I tried to jam too the audio sensor but it doesn't worked. Please help!

You've pretty much done all the possible troubleshooting steps.
1. OS reload
2. It's working using an external speaker and headset

The problem then is with the built in speaker of your laptop. If it's still under the factory warranty do contact the manufacturer for a repair.


Dec 20, 2015
Laptop_Nerd, my laptop is under factory warranty, but the problem is, it take's approximately 6 mount's to be returned to me(I live in Romania and this system is very *****). And the nearest Acer Service and Shop is in Bucharest(approx. 400 km from me)
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