News I did 100 bird dog crunches every day for a week — the results surprised me

Jun 11, 2023
Yeah, the crunch part is clear as mud. "Crunch your elbow towards your knee, under your body." Where under my body? Along the side? Along my sternum? Is my hand still pointed forwards, or towards the other side? My body is not designed to make "crunch" noises, so the calling a move a "crunch" when the typical reference is a form of situp, makes absolutely zero sense. You can't do a situp action when you are on your hands and knees. And you can't do a "bird dog" on your back. Also not described but likely meant: Roll your shoulders and bring your hips forward like a crunch, since if all your doing is repositioning your arm, you will not achieve anything like a crunch to the "six pack" area. The middle position with arm stretch out can't be called a bird dog either as pointers don't stretch their paws all the way out, the bend their tarsals (wrist) and their Knee/elbow. Which makes the final position with the arm under the body closer to the bird-dog pose. Again, this would not accomplish anything close to what a proper "crunch" will do for the abdomen. Also, the results are not in the article, or the whole article did not display.