News I don’t want my phone to fully charge in five minutes, I want the battery to last longer

Jan 6, 2023
Of course, I want both. I remember that one of the first mobiles I used had a removable battery, you could pop open a hatch and take it out. So theoretically, you could just swop in a charged unit. The battery lasted 2-3 weeks, so the lifetime was anyway no problem. The battery lifetime is also important.


Sep 1, 2017
These days many of us not keeping same phone much more than a year or two- too many significant improvements each year to ignore.
Plus, for someone who needs a phone or tablet for much of their work and is on the road a lot, I'll take fast charging instead- even if you tote a laptop, you need the phone as a hotspot.
Because once battery is low forget about simultaneous charging while tethering \ multitasking \ traveling- a 5 minute break more tolerable than 1 hour.
But these days it's a crapshoot to find an empty seat & electrical outlet somewhere- due to COVID & police defunding + excessive shoplifting & homelessness, most places limit capacity \ cordon off \ remove seating \ cover up outlets.

As well every year of this past ½ decade has brought can't do without improvements- it's not the time to use same phone for even two years or use anything but the top of the line processor- which now lets phone run much cooler & supports UFS 4 \ LPPDR 5 \ 5G Quadruple Carrier Aggregation. Factor in the rest improved again each year- WiFi \ BT, faster & adaptive refresh, larger, better screen & resolution, faster USB \ charging... and there's one brand making this affordable universally.
Esp. now that OnePlus is on scene- it's not just a choice between $$$amsung or pay less for smaller size & lesser features. And trading in yearly is fairly affordable thru them.

Looking forward, the next processor features & multiple eSim \ iSim + if they get Fold tech right, will obligate another upgrade.
Mar 13, 2023
I bought the Ulefone power armor 14 pro for that reason. I charge it over night and it can last me 2 days, if I don't abuse it. It actually lasted me a 13h travel time watching movies and listening to podcasts. At the end I still had a good 40%.

The speed of the phone is quite alright with a 6gb Ram. The battery itself is 10,000mAh and can actually be used as a portable battery. It takes me about 3-5 hours to charge with a 60W charger (Chromebook) and about 8-9hours with a 15W.

Only downside is the size of the phone. It is quite think and is fairly heavy.
But it's solid, I drop it quite a lot at work and on ceramic and there's still no scratches even with no case.