I Don't Know What's Wrong With My Laptop

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Feb 14, 2015
Hi. I just really need some advice really. I keep having issues with my laptop, and I'm at a loss for what the problem is. I don't know if I may have a computer virus, I've been hacked, or just if it's a problem in some other way just with the computer.

Operating System: Windows 7
System Manufacturer: Dell
System Model: Inspiron M5040

Whats wrong:
1.) My mouse has a mind of it's own. It won't click things by itself, but it keeps randomly moving on its own. It's very annoying, because it makes it difficult to click on what I actually want it to click on. Plus you know how if you pinch your fingers on the trackpad it'll zoom in and out? It constantly will do this, which makes it even harder to operate.
2.) It'll automatically type the most random things. Like "-=-==-", it's always up there in that area of the keyboard, and pretty much just dashes and equal signs.
3.) It'll just randomly crash sometimes. Especially after #2 happens. It'll then start back up once I hit the on button again, and asks me if I want to run in safe more or start regularly.

I felt like maybe I have a bad virus or something because I've read these could be signs of that, but for the life of my computer, I've had Norton and have ran probably hundreds of hours of scans. However, my yearly subscription just ran out, so I've switched to AVG in the last week. There was never a point where I was without protection.

Additional Info: Before my Norton had expired, I downloaded AVG and ran a free scan. The first scan that was ran, a Trojan Horse was discovered. No other things have been found since. I don't know where to further check if there's problems other than running the scans.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this, and for any thoughts you may have of what the problem could be!
Not open for further replies.