I finally cut the cord with this service — and I’m loving it

Oct 11, 2021
Nice summary. The reasons cited were my exact reasons for switching from Xfinity to Sling over two years ago. However, Sling is not without it's drama, and we left the service in March of this year for YouTube TV. The reason: Sling was dropping RSNs, and I am a very frequent watcher of local sports. If Sling had offered RSNs for even $5 or $10 more a month, I may have stayed, but even that could have been a push.

With YouTube, we get all local telecasts (AirTV was ok for local news and Survivor on Sling, but we were nearly at the range of our antenna, so reliability was low), and we pay $10 less due to being a T-mobile subscriber. Overall, the move from Sling to YouTube TV has been exactly what we needed. We also can watch shows wherever we are. I do miss NHL TV, though.

In the end, it's essential to figure out what you want to watch, pick the appropriate carrier, and balance what you are willing to pay.
Oct 12, 2021
Thanks for this. I know that my cable provider pretty much charges me the same for TV+Internet as they do for just internet, so I see no value at all, moneywise, from going this route. But the convenience is certainly a draw, isn't it?


Apr 6, 2010
Cord cutting is always great but I think people forget that you still need a decent net package to use it.

The other thing is the issue Youtube is having with NBC will happen to all streaming services eventually.

Cord cutting is great but make sure that you don't get trapped into paying for a bunch of apps to enjoy it. That'll add up to what you were paying already with TV+Net and then you might as well stay with that.