News I finally tried Time to Run on Apple Fitness Plus — and it surprised me

Sep 13, 2022
That particular run must be special-- I listened to several others and there was no history content at all, just perhaps a snapshot of a building encountered on the run.

I'm a casual runner, maybe 1-2 times a week for 30 minutes, and I found Apple Fitness Plus Time to Run to be excruciating: just a random collection of songs I couldn't stand and couldn't skip punctuated by upbeat "motivational" personalities. Yikes! At first I thought the app must be malfunctioning or I was using it wrong, as Apple certainly wouldn't have released an app that was just a 30 minute music playlist from random people. And its $9.95 a month!

On the plus side the new Apple Watch feature that lets you compare the progress on your current run with your previous run in real time is awesome.