Question I forgot my facebook password and the password to my email

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Aug 1, 2014
I forgot my facebook password and the password to my email. Tried to login with phone number and then click on forgot password. Then facebook sends verification code to my phone which I verified then FB sends codes to 3 people. FB thinks these 3 people are my friends and tells me to call and get the code over the phone by calling. But those 3 people that facebook choses are not my friends nor they are in my friends list. There is a glitch on facebook side. What to do?
Sounds like a scam, but regardless, Tom's Guide does not allow for password assistance. Your only option is to contact Facebook Support directly.

We will not help you bypass any passwords, lock codes, pin numbers, swipe patterns, or any other kind of account/ownership verification on your devices. We have absolutely no way to verify ownership.

ALL problems of this sort should be directed to your service provider or product manufacturer. Contact them, provide them with the information they ask for, and see if they can help you. They are the only ones who will assist you in these matters. We cannot and will not give you any assistance with these problems.

Not open for further replies.