I gave Google Chrome on iPad Pro a second chance but I still prefer browsing the web on my MacBook — here's why

May 21, 2024
I noticed you said that you’re having to search the names of the Google apps every time you want to use them, and I thought you might find this helpful. I don’t use Chrome, so I don’t know how this shows up in Chrome, but in Safari, I have Google set as my default search engine. And if I go to the Google search home page, the Google apps menu is at the top right. I hope this helps you out, also, you also could potentially use bookmarks to make it faster, though I don’t know how bookmarks work in the Chrome browser. Also, I noticed that using the Google Calendar web app in Safari, I didn’t get that full screen pop-up advertising the native app. 👍🏻. I don’t know if that was just because I didn’t have it open long enough, but the app adds may just be a Chrome thing. And I compared the app UI of Calendar and GMail on my Mac’s browser vs Safari on my iPad, and they were the same, so that may also be helpful for you as well! 👍🏻 Thanks for your review, it was a fun read! 👍🏻
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