Question I give up..Hacked/hijacked pc for over a year, I can’t win this. (Old psychopath IT-Tech/Network engineer friend)

Apr 17, 2021
I honestly don’t know what to do.. I have tried everything to solve this but I guess it’s better to just accept the situation and give up.. I can never win this.

My old friend (now worst enemies) is a full blooded psychopath, He will never stop harassing and make ur life a living hell once you insult him, I confronted him about his <Mod Edit> behaviour.. big mistake.

He works as network technician, doing maintenance and problem solving if it’s not working.
He got access to all servers/routers/hubs or what’s it’s called in my town, I’ve seen him plug in his work laptop making he see everything in the network.

He doesn’t even need to hack, he got access anyway since he got “master key” for my Internet providers all equipment.

I try everything, bought the best router that I thought should help, Reinstalling windows, resetting the router etc etc.

The only thing I use my pc for is gaming, I never visit stupid webpages and still I’m keeping getting trojans,

Windows firewall are changing settings,

Windows antivirus/defender security settings are getting disabled,

In event logs I see that he’s getting remote access via powershell and configure pc remotely.

I also loose admin and can’t get acces to certain folders in my pc, he keep managing getting higher admin privileges than me and I can’t understand how! It’s my pc!

My pc is being abused as virtual machine and I fucking hate it, I notice right away when my FPS and overall performance in games drop and make me reinstall for 100th time.

Lost access to my Facebook that also got deleted, mail accounts etc.

Already got confirmation from another pc technician that took a look in my pc that it’s for real, He said that my pc was hacked so it’s nothing I just think, it’s confirmed.
I can’t afford paying a technician fixing my pc over and over, I’m 99.99% sure it’s my old friend since all this started right after I told him to go to hell..

Got any suggestions how I can approach this problem? I got NOTHING of value or information on my pc so I’m not afraid of that, it’s just annoying loosing access and performance dropping.

Any tips or help are greatly appreciated!
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Use the "nuclear option". Reset all network security settings and re-install operating systems/apps from ground up on all devices. See here for other suggestions:

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