I have a brand new Asus laptop with SSD, for the first two months I had no issues but for the last six months, I keep having p

Do not out your question in the subject - it got cut.
- What is the model of your laptop?
- What version of Windows does it run?
- What version of MS Office you have installed? Where you bought it from?
- What problems do you have, exactly?


Aug 15, 2016
Hi, sorry, I am new to this.
The model # is N551JX-DM184T
I'm running Windows 10
I have Office 2016 the company I work for has a licence for multiple copies of MS Office.
I bought the computer back in January and it ran fine with Office for about 2 months and then for no apparent reason, Outlook, Word and Excel "stopped running" and I had to close them down. Then trying to start them up again without restarting the computer encountered problems. My IT person (I work remotely), uninstalled MS Office and reinstalled and the problem persisted, then he said that he couldn't figure out what was wrong and that it was possibly a faulty SSD, so in March I sent the computer back to Asus and they reformatted the hard drive, said there was nothing wrong with it. I reinstalled MS Office again but the problem is still there. I've lived with it now for months and am well and truly over it,, have other people encountered this with the SSD, the capacity on the computer is 237 GB and there's 149 GB free space.
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