I have a connected hdmi cord hooked up from my desktop computer to a tv monitor , it works fine visually but no sound.


May 4, 2015
How do i get the sound to work through the hdmi cord from my tv into my desktop? the sound button on the bottom right of my screen has an X through it and i have tried installing drivers and it still doesn't work. i need some serious help! please!


Dec 16, 2011
After connecting the TV via HDMI, restart the PC so it can properly detect the TV. I had problems with sound when using HDMI to hook my PC to the TV, i tried everything and nothing worked unless the PC is restarted after you plug the HDMI cable.

and this:
Select the GPU's Digital sound as the default audio device.
On windows 7: right-click on the speaker icon next to the clock, select "Playback devices" (sorry if not translating correctly, my windows is in portuguese), then select the graphics card digital HDMI output as the default sound device. It's name should be something like "Digital Audio (HDMI)".
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