I have a element 32" tv and my inverter or somthing is broken


Oct 5, 2013
I have a element 32" tv with a BACKLIGHT INVERTER SSI320_4UA01 and my bulb wasnt turning on. I learned what the inverter was and i would hit the inverter and i would get picture. So i replaced my inverter which worked for a few days, but than started doing it again. So i started touching the inverter more and when i touch a spot on the board, the bulb turns on and when i take my finger off it shuts off.... except with the new board it makes it brighter than when i take it off it di,ms the bulb. With the old 1 it turns on the bulb with full brightness and when i take my finger off it shuts off... Idk what these means but the new inverter is brand new. I dont get it Hide
It sounds like it's not actually the inverter but a problem with where it connects to.

Troubleshooting is often about swapping parts. If the same problem occurs then the part you swapped likely wasn't the issue.

Maybe it's time for a new TV (BTW, I paid $3500 Canadian for my Sony 32" many years ago and it still works great. It's about $300 to replace it with slightly better picture but my speakers are way better).