I have a old TV with no hdmi input I'm wanting to know if I can connect my HDMI blu-ray player to my konka home theatre system


May 3, 2017
Seeing if can connect a blu-ray to a home theatre system through HDMI to work with a TV with no HDMI port but by connecting av port through home theatre system
"Home Theater" boxes are known around here as HTIB and they are extremely inflexible and you have this wish that somehow it can aid you toward attaching a modern blue ray player to an old TV? Highly unlikely.

First off HTIB boxes can decode surround from its built-in DVD and that's it, it cannot do surround from anything else, not your BR player, not your TV. If you wish to listen to BlueRay surround you must upgrade this HTIB to something else, here we suggest an AV Receiver for maximum flexibility and future expansion, but certainly you can buy another HTIB with BlueRay player, but once again you are warned it can't do anything else.

If you don't mind listening to stereo only, BlueRay player with stereo audio out to HTIB AUX-IN, if it has one, and BluRay (Component hookup) ----> TV (again if TV has it). If TV has no Component (a 5 cables connection) then you are looking for HDMI to S-Video/Composite converter and the image will look subpar.
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