I have a Tascam 2488 and want to backup all partitions to pc,which is Windows 7 OS.Can this be done considering T2488 is ok to

viv harris

Nov 8, 2014
I want to backup all valid partitions of T2488 on Windows7 computer.This to give me space to continue working on new stuff...Is it do-able as manual says t2488 only good up to Xp operating system...?
There doesn't seem to be any drivers on the Tascam site for your T2488 so the only way to find out is to connect it and see if Windows looks for driver and finds them or if it just shows as a drive.
If it shows as a drive you can just cut and paste your files to any other drive.

busta speeker

Feb 23, 2012
Hi viv. I wouldn't bother with all that; it is very limited in its capability and somewhat cantankerous to activate. I installed a 120 gig hard drive and have plenty of real estate! That is a LOT of toonage, unless your stuff tends to run over 8-10 minutes each and all use 24 tracks. Mine's a Seagate; sorry but I don't remember the Mod.#. It doesn't seem to be too picky, either. I had a choice of 80 or 120 and both worked; I stashed the 80 in my desk for future use, but that was almost two years ago and I haven't even filled up half of the 120 gig yet! Hope this helps. Happy recording.
Busta Speeker
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