I have a Toshiba Satelite laptop. Nothing and I mean nothing has worked (holding zero, f8, etc...)


Apr 30, 2015
I have tried everything according to all help researched (f8, zero held before and after powering on, tapping zero while system is booting, etc...) yet it still will not go to the screen to restore to out of box state. I get through the beeping... then "windows is loading files" screen... then a big blue screen of death. What can be done to ensure I get to the "out of box state" menu?


Jul 19, 2009
Are you able to boot to windows normally? If so can you run the factory recovery utility from there? You could also call toshiba and request factory recovery disks

Like Bstanton said, details of the blue screen error codes would be helpful but you can try RAM the memory from the laptop and putting it back in, and running chkdsk on the hard drive. If the recovery software is on a separate partition you'll have to do chkdsk on it instead of C: (I would probably do both though)


Jan 12, 2014
Here is another option: However, let me digress. as one of the previous commenters stated, "backup ALL your files" or better yet create a clone, or an image to re-install later. Ok. here is the problem I had and what I did to solve it. "Restore Toshiba Satellite L775D-S7135 to Original Windows 7 with created recovery disk set when holding 0 doesn't work and F12 boot selection doesn't work". Since the aforementioned did not work, I downloaded a free Win 7 Home Prem ISO and burned it to a DVD. I put it into the drive and executed the 'setup.exe' file. It took a while to install. THEN, when the option to enter the 'KEY' I skipped it. Re-booted laptop and THEN the F2, F9 & F12 keys worked so that I was able to insert my restore disk set (created when I first purchased it). I opted for the COMPLETE erase HDD and restore system to factory original. NOTE HERE!!!!! You MUST not have ANY USB cables connected; usb sticks, drives, mouse or any other EXTERNAL hardware. ONLY the AC cord should be plugged in. Worked for me. Good luck. :) P.S. using diskpart may not be the best option because it interferes with the original system's configuration for the 'Recovery' partition/sectioning on your HDD. :) just sayin.
As far as the 'KEY' goes, you can use your original; usually found on a sticker on the laptop along side the ser. num.
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