I have an old Yamaha CR800 AM/FM receiver/amp with no sound


May 24, 2015
I have had this receiver for years and has worked great. However, I can no longer get any sound out of the speakers. The speakers are hooked up, fuses good and switches correct. The meter needles move when changing channels but again, no sound.
I am guessing I may have blown the amp?
Any help is appreciated.
Make sure that the tape monitor is off and speakers turned on.
Operate all the front panel switches 20 times with the unit off as some of the ones you don't use may be dirty enough to cut off the signal.
On the rear there is a switch in between the preamp out - main amp in connections. If this is dirty or corroded it internally disconnects them. With the receiver off operate the switch 20 -30 times to see if it cleans up. If not just connect the preout amp in with a cable to see if that works.
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