I have an older Stereo Receiver looking to hook up wireless speakers


Dec 9, 2015
Not sure what system I am looking for, Have older stereo/receiver, turntable,cassette deck, want to use this system with wireless speakers. should I be looking at Miccus Home RTX bluetooth or should I be looking at Rocketfish transmitter. Please direct me to the correct product, thanks


Nov 13, 2015
I don't know either of those products but looking quickly at their webpages they seem to be similar devices.
Looks like they connect to a low level audio output on your older stereo receiver, not to the speakers output connectors.
Most likely connects to the tape record output on your stereo, if you've got an extra besides the cassette deck one.
Another possibility is you might be able to connect to a headphone output on your stereo.
But you are wirelessly transmitting a low level audio signal and you'll need some receiver and amplifier for the speakers end of the path.
So the wireless transmitter/receiver combination you choose should be compatible with the speakers you choose. Maybe you choose the
speakers first and they'll dictate which transmission system to use. The output from your stereo will come from the record out jack as mentioned above.
hope this helps.
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