i have lenovo z510 model laptop

Dhrani Dharan

Apr 23, 2015
i have lenovo z510 model laptop and i want to know what is normal CPU,GPU & main board temperature level.
now my laptop temperature high temperature(46-50 degree Celsius). This issue got my laptop last two months only. But before two months my laptop does not attains this level of temperature at any time(except gaming).


While it specifically depends upon your CPU and GPU model, in most cases a laptop CPU has a TJMax of ~100°-105°C while a laptop GPU is about 90°-100°C. Throttling can be expected somewhere over mid 80's°C.

Note that I'm being very general, some CPU's and GPU's don't go that high (again, model specific)

I will recommend using a cooling pad when gaming or other intensive tasks on the laptop.

One other thing to consider is that dusty areas or pets can cause heat issues relatively quickly as the exhaust vents get blocked and are unable to dissipate heat effectively.
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