I have no sound but pictures great would a sound bar solve this ??

A soundbar might solve your problem.
You will need to know if the audio output of the TV is working to be sure.
If the TV has a headphone jack then try that.
If the TV has optical audio output then you would need to turn it on. Check the TV manual on how to do that. A red light would be visible from the optical jack if its on.
If the audio out isn't working then you can connect a soundbar directly to your external sources. An HDMI input selector with audio extraction might help you to do that with multiple sources.


Depends on the Pc and audio outputs and sound bar and audio inputs.

PC's can have varying audio outputs like Hdmi, optical and analogue jacks. Graphics cards can also be used as an audio device if it has Hdmi.

Sound bars can have inputs such as optical and analogue.

Using Hdmi from PC to Tv for video and audio is another possibility depending on your PC hardware and if your TV has Hdmi. Many Hdmi TVs can be used as monitors despite those having a PC connection port like dsub or Dvi, can still use Hdmi if it's available.

Not knowing your PC hardware and TV, explore these options and base sound bar connection types that can be utilised.

Gpu/Motherboard Hdmi -> TV -> TV Optical audio out -> sound bar with Optical. Motherboard Hdmi if available depends on your system setup and if using integrated graphics.

Motherboard Optical audio out -> sound bar with Optical

Motherboard analogue audio out -> sound bar with analogue inputs